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Certificate of Excellence & Volunteer of the Year Applications

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For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 changes to Hanover PTA and HCPS announcements, please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

HCC PTA Executive Board Nominations

We are still looking for PTA leaders to join our Executive Board for 2021-2022! 

Please fill out the following survey of your interest and we will get back to you soon!

Please SHARE with your LOCAL UNITS and those you know! https://forms.gle/Cc5rNeBbYfchxxut6  





HCC PTA Virtual Family Engagement Toolkit

*NEW*We have created a toolkit to help you engage all families but particularly OWL families to stay connected with your PTA! Click the link below-



2nd PTA State Dues Payment Reminder

Just a Reminder that your next dues Payment to Virginia PTA is due

March 1, 2021! 

As a reminder-Your local unit can choose to submit member lists/dues using either methods below:

           A. By Mail: This system is still in place from last year and you can mail check payments and member lists to the VA PTA office (1027 Wilmer Ave Richmond, VA 23227-2419).


2020-2021 Dues Remittance Form 


          B. Memberhub/Import Tool: Even if you do not recruit members through your Memberhub store, you can still use this upload tool to upload your Excel/CSV file with all your members to VA PTA. *This is the preferred method to use because whoever submits your file will be emailed and be advised on any upload errors that need to be corrected. You can access instructions on how to use the Import Tool here. 

Once you upload member list to Memberhub, you can then either pay dues by check to VA PTA or pay dues through Memberhub portal. (instructions here)

From Our Treasurer

Hi everyone,

I hope you are continuing to do well, not only within your units, but with your health and families as well!

This is just a general reminder that if you have uploaded documents or information into MemberHub, you still need to send these items to Virginia State PTA.  The following are the items you should be sending to liaison@vapta.org

  • Annual Financial Review (year ending 2020 - send after approved by general membership)

  • IRS 990 (for year 2019 - send confirmation of approved status)

Also, if you have not paid your Hanover County Council Dues or VA PTA dues, please send those as soon as you can.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Marie Hudes

HCCPTA Treasurer

Membership Challenges

VA PTA has come out with "Do Good Things for Your PTA" Membership Challenges/Bonuses that your local unit can use to recruit members throughout the year! All Membership Challenges should have been met by 12/15. There are a few bonus challenges you can meet between now and March. 

Membership Challenge Application: (can turn in now to VA PTA Membership Chair Kristen Shabanowitz or wait until March) 


View  Entire List of Membership Challenges/Bonuses here



Certificate of Excellence Application/Survey


The Certificate of Excellence for 2020-2021 is now available. Deadline for local units to apply is 4/15/2021. Questions?

Contact us at hanoverccpta@gmail.com  Link to forms are below: 

COE: https://forms.gle/SsGFj9e7twQ1n2eY7

Survey (can complete as one of the requirements for the COE): https://forms.gle/pbbvwPqHP66KFjPV9







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For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 changes to Hanover PTA and HCPS announcements, please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

The VA PTA Board of Directors has adopted their Equity and Diversity Statement on June 18, 2020. Read more HERE:

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