A message from the President...

 The success of students and the performance of our schools are made possible when there is a strong relationship between parents, teachers, school administrators and the School Board.  As President of Hanover County Council, I hope to continue the tradition of equipping local PTA units with the resources they need to cultivate these relationships and create a thriving academic environment.  We will strive to provide the best training programs for local PTA leaders that help them learn and grow in their current roles. 

The mission of the national PTA is "To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children."  Here in Hanover, I believe we can make this a reality through engagement, education and support.   And the Hanover County Council will do its part to help our local PTA units achieve this mission.

Below are some specific objectives the HCC will pursue this academic school year.

·         Focus general membership meetings on training and equipping local unit board members. 

·         We will break out into sessions to unpack questions the local units face. 

·         Learn more about advocacy, how to run effective meetings, how to prepare for audit and file 990s, and what programs and grants are available to promote thriving PTAs.

·         Redirect our scholarship focus from issuing scholarships to promoting existing scholarships granted at the state and national PTA levels.  There are numerous scholarship opportunities for students to pursue. 

·         Our goal is to have representation from every school in the county. This would include the local unit president, other local unit executive board members, Principals and/or school representative.

·         Partnering with other community organizations to bring awareness to emerging challenges to our youth (substance abuse, school safety, mental health, and other topics that may need to be highlighted).


Amy Gathje

Hanover County Council Executive Team

2019-2020 HCC PTA Officers

President: Amy Gathje

Secretary: Lisa Eget

Treasurer: Marie Hudes

VP of Programs: Katie Sprouse

VP of Communication: Sara Jennings


Standing Committee Chairs

Annual Banquet - Amy Gathje and Katie Sprouse

Certificate of Excellence - OPEN

Publicity/Communication - Sara Jennings

Reflections - Heather Bronson

Scholarship - OPEN

Volunteer of the Year - Jennifer Diehl

Hospitality - OPEN

Bylaws/Legislation - Noel Parrish

Website Admin: Sara Jennings - sarajenningsrn@gmail.com


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